Editorial Reviews. Review. Some widows face their loss with denial . Sophie Good Grief: A Novel – Kindle edition by Lolly Winston. Download it. Good Grief: A Novel [Lolly Winston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The brilliantly funny and heartwarming New York Times bestseller. Good Grief [Lolly Winston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Grieving over the death of her husband from cancer, thirty-six-year-old Sophie.

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A groupie at heart, her favorite authors include: The ending was sort of sudden, but it’s okay. Born and raised in the glamorous insurance capital of Hartford, Conn. The main character and I have similar senses of humor, and would probably have been great friends if winsston of us wasn’t fictional. I did grjef really think it was funny at all.

Her father and her stepmother take care of her for a while, making sure she showers and eats.

It was like her salvation. Sophie, your husband died. Desperate to stay above water she decides to take up a friends offer and to move in with her and her daughter in Ashland, Oregon. It felt too obvious and too goofy.

She also immediately finds a handsome, hot, helpful straight guy who wants to marry her. I could see myself in her shoes throughout the whole book. I wonder if it’s visible, like a big red cartoon heart over my head?

You know that time when you’re too young to know better about books?

Yes, gfief, and yes. It was fun for me to visit Ashland in a book as I am there every summer for the play festival. One of my favorites. Everything happens for a reason, but that doesn’t mean we will know the reason giod happened to us.

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She breaks your heart as you see how she falls apart, but she always tells the story with so much humor that you have to laugh out loud. I now can’t put it down. I plan on sharing it with a friend who lost her husband at a yo I picked up this paperback not expecting too much more than some light fluff for my vacation.

A quick read; funny, likable protagonist but the plot is a little too pat. But slowly, she settles into her new life.

Good Grief

She tries to go to support groups. I wonder why the author decided to leave lklly name out of the story? Not willing to fear the future and cast a cloud on today, my life has become an adventure full of surprises.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sep 05, Lize rated it really liked it Shelves: I would recommend this book to anyone who has lost their husband and to their friends so they can understand what they are going through.

To view it, click here. As I mentioned grkef my other JE, maybe it is just the mood I am in. Novel set in Ashland Oregon [s]. Most people might disagree with this assessment, but I have worked around people that have lost loved ones and they were not as “put together” 10 griet later as this character was less than one year later.

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What’s the Name o May 31, Karen rated it really liked it. I will see if I can find someone who will appreciate this book more than I did. The central character, Sophie Stanton, is widowed very young losing her husband to cancer after three years of bood.

And I found the ending offensive, especially as a widow. In short, she wlnston her life back together in a way that is both triumphant and unforgettable.

Anyway, she’s always finding Crystal with some gigantic burn on her leg or with bloody arms winshon has to take her to the hospital. Sells house, moves to Oregon, opens a bakery, joins the Big Sister organization and finds that by helping others she helps herself – Amen.

Good Grief Author s: I thought this was beautifully written.

Good Grief : Lolly Winston :

I love Sophie Stanton and I want her recipes! Anyways I still thank you for sending this to me Ant. I think the only thing that had me rating this novel with only three stars is the main character’s ability to cope with the death of her husband so quickly and neatly. Second, I’m not married, even after six years.

Maybe because I thought it would be a chick lit book. She was fascinating, but I didn’t connect with her either.