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It is this cycle of self destructive activity, the kaffir consumer producer process, which has all but destroyed the radical alternative dajajl this behavioural pattern, the prophetic lifestyle. It is only an attractive proposition to the kaffir because he or she thinks that this life is all there is, and accordingly attempts to reconstruct the Garden in this life and in this phenomenal world. Must be read if we want to know what is the actual system that we lived, what is our real world.

But I don’t even know where I got it from – I bought it so long ago.

This view is reinforced by the fact that it was the Trinitarian Church who in past centuries waged war on and eliminated all those Unitarian Christians, including the Nazarenes, the Ebionites, the Donatists, the Arians, the Adoptionists, the Paulicians, the Illumnists, the Catharii and many of the Goths, who sought to follow the original teaching of Jesus and the way of life embodied by him.

In the large cities of today, the individual has become increasingly alienated from his or her self and from others and from knowledge of Allah, a cog in the consumer producer process who, when not at work or asleep, is often trapped in an infantile and unfulfilled search for illusory self gratification, which ensures that there is usually very little time left to reflect and consider where he or she is going, and no time to actually do something about breaking out of the recurring behaviour pattern in which he or she is trapped.

It’s a must-read, really. Surely Allah does not uphold the work of mischief makers. See our Returns Policy. The last four major signs are the appearance of Dajjal the individual; the appearance of the Mahdi, the rightly guided leader of the Muslims who will fight Dajjal; the re-appearance of the prophet Jesus, on him be peace, who as well as breaking all the crosses, killing all the pigs, marrying and having children and praying with the Muslims, will also kill Dajjal; and the appearance of Juge wa ma Juge [ Gog and Magog ], a tribe of people who will scatter across the world, creating destruction.

The prophet said that the time between their sitting there that afternoon and the end of the world, was as short as the distance between the disc of the sun and the top of the wall at that moment. End of Times, unfortunately, I haven’t.

Even where the social grouping of today is limited in size to the village number, the actual social transaction between its members is far less intimate and cohesive than in the past.

A Prophet for Our Time. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The fact that the scribes and pharisees, the self appointed priesthood of what had become the Jewish religion, did not even recognise who Jesus was shows how far astray ahmas were from the original way of Moses even then, and that was twenty centuries ago.


Refresh and try again. Given this element of possible uncertainty and error, the only way that the prophecies of John and Nostrodamus can be shown to be dajial is when what is said corresponds to what eventually happens.

The more you embody the illusory ideal of the perfect consumer producer as depicted in the media, and there is more than one ideal in order to have as many profitable markets as possible, the greater is your reputation in the consumer producer game. In order to make the work an attractive proposition, the people are offered money, but only enough to ensure that once they are dependant on it they will have to keep on working dajjla have it, because they have not earned enough to save up.

Although the prophet Muhammad was given such access, ht was not hungry for it. Dramatic changes have taken place on the face of this earth in the last hundred years.

I can only imagine the courage that the author must have needed to write this book, and kudos also to the publisher fajjal having the courage to publish it. Anywayz We should pray for the righteous path dajjql its a challenging dajhal to keep faith intact. Even the individual concern or the small business is highly regulated in what it mayor may not do. Posted by Uni at 2: We are made of water and clay. If its possible, you can order this book online.

The jinn are made of smokeless fire. The prophet Jesus, who was not crucified, but taken by Allah out of this world into the Unseen, and another who looked like him crucified in his place, the prophet Jesus, on him be peace, having returned to this world, will kill Dajjal.

Aymad believe that needs that have become needs – one needs to perform a few checks on it, and if they fulfil the criteria, then it really IS a NEED. There are those who are only too eager to point out that what has been said about the Christians and the Jews also applies to the Muslims, and that there are many people who call themselves Muslims who are not following the way of the prophet Muhammad and his community.

Ahmad Thomson – Sistem Dajjal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This means that life in a kaffir state is highly institutionalised, standardised and regularised. However it is equally clear that a distinction must be drawn between those Trinitarian Christians who are perfectly well aware that the way they follow ah,ad not the way of Jesus, and those people who in all sincerity wish to worship God and who have been misled into believing that the brand of Thomskn which they follow is synonomous with what Jesus originally taught, and who up to now have had no chance of access to the living life transaction of Islam dajjql is the prophetic lifestyle for this age, and which naturally bears a striking resemblance to the lifestyle once embodied by Jesus and his original followers, may Allah be pleased with them.

In a relatively ahnad period of time, the activities of the people controlling the corporation have not only disrupted the way of life of the people living in that area, but also eliminated their traditional sources of livelihood and thereby ensured that there is cheap labour available to carry out the work being generated by the corporation’s activities.


The jinn often communicate with thomspn, and from their knowledge of the unseen tell of events which lie in the future. Fantastic in depth book about the reality of the world we live in today! Only some of us can see them. As the heart comes clear, the knowledge of the heart increases.

The kaffir system is Dajjal. Kufr is to cover up and to reject. I should probably have given it no stars. Open Preview See a Problem? Dajjal the individual will be the epitome of the kaffirsystem, the ultimate kaffir, and therefore inevitably to be chosen as the leader of that system by the kaffirs who run that system, when he appears.

No worship was preferable to a pattern of worship which although performed in the name of Jesus did not conform to the pattern of worship which Jesus had in fact brought, and which has been long lost for ever. It comes as no surprise to find that those who control the government of a kaffir state usually control the large corporations too.

Books can only remind you 01 what has already been tasted and of what is yet to be tasted or what is capable of being tasted. Works at University of Commen Sense.

Dajjal : The King Who Has No Clothes

Salah daijal buku yang telah mengubah cara pandang saya dalam melihat dunia. They point to the reality of what has already occurred and continues to occur. The sign that this possession has taken place is that you see large numbers or groups of people all ahnad as one body, apparently possessing no individual identity. And you’re very right when you say that we need to stick to the basics.

If the conditioning is not successful, it is almost inevitable that the kaffir legal system will be called into play in order to implant the basic ideal of the consumer tho,son process more vigorously upon the person in question. Those who follow the prophetic life pattern not only know what lies on the other side of death, they also appreciate how short life is, and they act accordingly.

Dajjal The AntiChrist by Ahmad Thomson – Dar Makkah International

Finally there is the Kaffir society which neither lives in harmony with existence nor worships Allah consciously. In other words, it is possible to ascertain the characteristics of Dajjal as an unseen force by examining Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon.

When establishing the consumer producer process in what is called the third world or the under developed countries, the colonisers, as has already been noted, have always disrupted the way of life which was being followed by the indigenous population prior to the colonisers’ arrival.